In fifteen minutes you can stroll to the heart of the village, where you’ll find all essential shops, and on Monday mornings the local market.
The ancient village of Cancon is built on the slope of a hill, on top of which you can see the ruin of a medieval fortress. From here you have a splendid view over the village roofs, across the undulating landscape dotted with small lakes and extending as far as the borders of the Périgord and the Quercy. Through the orchards below, you can also view a pigeon house, windmill, castle or a wall bell tower.

In the small village streets, you can see many examples of 13th century timber frame houses, with typical colonnades called 'mirandes'.

Cancon is the distribution centre for 95% of the French hazelnuts. The hazelnuts for several decades have being cultivated along side the famous plums ‘pruneaux d’Agen’. The area is noted for its cuisine, in particular its products related to ducks and geese such as ‘foie gras’.

Every Monday morning is a small local market. Apart from the usual activities, in summer you also have typical southern events like a bodega or ripalhou, where you can taste gastronomic delights of the region.

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